The Satsuma Rebellion

Augustus Henry Mounsey

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<i>The Satsuma Rebellion: An Episode of Modern Japanese History</i> details an important period in Japan's history and an interesting tale of the nation's samurai.<br><br>Augustus Henry Mounsey's book opens with an account of the Meiji restoration, which refers to Japan's restoration of imperial rule in 1868. This is a logical place to start, as the author is establishing the conditions that lead to the Satsuma Rebellion. Although the Satsuma Domain played an important role in the chain of events that lead to Emperor Meiji assuming power of Japan, many samurai had become disenchanted with the ruling government. Parts two and three of Mounsey's book detail the role of the Satsuma in restoring the Meiji to power and their subsequent place in the government until the rebellion. In part four, the Satsuma Rebellion of 1877 is detailed, in which the forces of protesting samurai were crushed and the leader of the uprising was killed.<br><br>Mounsey's work is a detailed and entertaining telling of an important part of Japan's history. It is an exciting story that is sure to appeal to readers of both cultural and military history. <i>The Satsuma Rebellion</i> is recommended to all readers interested in Japanese and samurai history.

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