The Master's Carpet or Masonry and Baal-Worship Identical

Edmond Ronayne

€ 9,85

Well, the truth is, that I have been thinking somewhat on the subject Of Masonry, and I con fess that I have been very strongly tempted to send in my petition. Before doing so, however, it was my full intention to submit the whole case to your judgment and ask your advice, and it is partly with this Object in View that I have broached the subject this morning. But you rather astonish me when you say that you should never consent to my joining the lodge. I understand that, as a general thing, Freemasons do not solicit men to be come members, and hence I was fully prepared to believe that you would not depart from the usual practice; but when you tell me that so far from re questing me to join the Masonic institution, you would actually withhold your consent to my doing so, then, indeed, you not only surprise me very much, but I confess that you greatly excite my curiosity as well.

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