The Voice of Africa

Leo Frobenius

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The final chapter forms the conclusion in every sense, and, like every other scientific summary, opens up a vista upon greater problems unsolved as yet, and, therefore, ends upon a query. If the reader is clear in his mind about this arrangement of the subject matter, his selection of what will interest him most will present no difficulty. Some will find their pleasure in reading the account of the journeys made; others, in pursuing the descriptions of the method adopted in this investigation and its results. In my own humble opinion the introduction to the great problems involved in the previous history of Africa, which are set up in the recital of our experiences among the Savages of Africa, ought to interest all specialists in general, and in particular to be of unusual value to the colonial politician who would conduct the affairs of the countries through which we travelled either from his arm-chair at home in Europe or in the district itself. For the German Inner African Exploration Expedition, which, God grant, may still have a prolonged existence under whatever flag, and whose archives will continue to be uninterruptedly increased, has for its ideal task not only the establishment and exposition of the recorded and the prehistoric conditions of Africa, but'the creation of practical values and, above all, of a utilitarian standard.

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