A History of English Prose Rhythm

George Saintsbury

€ 10,85

Now, on the possibility, and still more on the use, of this latter, in regard to the majority of subjects, I am something of a sceptic; and even when I acknowledge the felicity of knowing the causes of things, I think it well to know the things themselves first. I do not, however, intend to neglect theory altogether, and some generalising suggestions will be found in the Interchapters which summarise the successive Periods, as well as in the Conclusion, and especially in Appendix III. But I wish chiefly to bring out the facts of this interesting and much neglected matter; and to indicate the additional delecta tion which attends the study of them. To sport with Amaryllis (if Amaryllis be poetry) may be best but there remains a Neara in prose, and the tangles of her hair are not to be despised by the sportsman-lover.

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