Looking Unto Jesus, as Carrying on the Great Work of Man's Salvation, or a View of the Everlasting Gospel

Isaac Ambrose

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In reformation era Preston much of the population, including the gentry, still hung on to Roman Catholicism. When the opening battles of the Civil War were fought Preston was staunchly royalist and functioned as the headquarters for Royalists from the surrounding area. Our author was not cowed and Ambrose publicity insisted on his puritanical approach and Presbyterian faith.<br><br>As Preston became a field of battle, torn between the King and the country, Ambrose was plunged into danger. His influential friends and upstanding reputation were able to save him after two separate arrests on religious grounds. His fervour and conviction are perfectly conveyed in this work. He shows in the work a marked difference from Catholic theologians, eschewing a heavy reliance on saints as was common at the time and even scolding those who enjoy music too much, eloquently but severely comparing all worldly pleasure to pebbles by comparison to the pearls and gold of Christ. In other ways he was a man of his time, unwilling to readily accept the idea of direct interaction with God as the norm for widespread Christian prayer. <br><br>Ambrose served the Presbyterian community of Lancashire well during his life and continues to serve historians and theological scholars well today. Despite his severe religious persuasion, Ambrose was an exceptionally clear writer who formed logical, cogent arguments, a skill held by few writers generally but markedly rare in chroniclers of his age. <br>Looking Unto Jesus, as Carrying on the Great Work of Man's Salvation is fascinating text for historians, political scientists and theologians as well as hobbyists and amateurs.

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