St. Polycarp

Blomfield Jackson

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II. The Shepherd Of Hermas, c. A.d. 150. The references here are less Obvious and direct than in other authors, but Dr. C. Taylor (journal of P/zz'lology, xx. Is of opinion that Hermas knew and used Polycarp's Epistle: e. G. Hermas, Mand. Xii. I. I, on bridling and fighting lust, would appear to be in connection with both James i. 26 and iii. 2, and Polycarp, Ep. 5. Again the remarkable description Of' 'widows as an Altar Of God, in connexion with the charge to make supplication unceasingly, sug gests parallels with Hermas, Marni. X. Iii. 2; Sim. Ii. 5, v. 3, 7, and ix. 27.

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