Studies in Modernism

Alfred Fawkes

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The essays brought together in this volume have appeared: one in the Hibbert Journal, five in the Quarterly, and ten in the Edinburgh Review. It is by the courteous permission of the respective proprietors of these journals that they are published, with a few verbal changes, in their present form. The connexion between them is one of a common bearing. It is as associated, directly or indirectly, with the Modernist movement that the persons, events, and ideas dealt with are discussed. The earlier papers were written from the standpoint of a Roman Catholic, desirous, if not very hopeful, of reconciling the Roman Catholic standpoint with acceptance of the methods and results of historical and critical science the later, from a position of greater freedom. But in all, the writer's aim was to see things as they were and the difference between the perspective of the earlier and the later essays is slight.

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