A Manual of Lessons in Old Testament History

Mrs. Alma E. McKibbin

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The lessons here submitted for your consideration, and for your use if you find them adapted to your needs, are the lessons I have been using for a number of years in my own work. The chief difficulty in the study and teaching of Old Testament his; tory is that there is too much matter for one year's Work; but as one year is all that can possibly be allowed for the subject, we must be con tent, and do our best with the time that is ours. The lessons are therefore long ones. I wish they could be shorter, but know of no other way to cover the subject. They may not seem uni form in length; and they are not, if one considers chapters and verses only. It has seemed to me necessary to be governed more by subjects than by the amount of words to be read and studied; therefore while the average assignment is three chapters, there are some lessons that require more, and some fewer.

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