Memoir of the Late Rev. Lemuel Covell, Missionary to the Tuscarora Indians and the Province of Upper Canada; Comprising a History of the Origin and Progress of Missionary Operations in the Shaftsbury Baptist Association, Up to the Time of Mr. Covell's

D. C. Brown

€ 9,85

The writer of fiction, or rather of history founded on facts, with fictitious superstructure, needs time, or distance of period, between the occurrence of events and their being presented to public no tice, that the fanciful embellishments of imagination may be inter woven without danger of detection. But the writer of sober truth, one that would fain a plain unvamished tale deliver, regrets the absence of those who were cotemporary with the characters and acquainted with the circumstances: Sensible of the value and importance of corroborative testimony, nothing can be more de Iightful than to know that many will rise up and say yes, that account is correct; I was acquainted with the circumstances and knowing to the facts.

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