Critical Commentary and Paraphrase

Lowth, Patrick

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After I had finished the better half of my work, I was informed that Mons. Le Clerc had pub lished a Critical Commentary upon the same book: but whether I have concurred in any thing with him, or contradicted him, I am not able to say; having wanted leisure to peruse his work, by reason of the public business, which came upon me in the end of the year: when I likewise understood that a very learned friend and brother had put into the press Annotations upon all the five books of Moses. But by communicating some of our papers to each other, we found there would be no reason that either of us should lay aside our design; but go on, in our several ways, to make the scriptures better understood, by all sorts of persons: for all helps are little enough in this age, which seems to take pleasure in being ignorant of the most important truths.

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