My Sixty Years on the Plains

W. T. Hamilton

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As a young man William Hamilton was sent by his doctor for a change of air. The Doctor’s orders stipulated that fresh, mountain air would be just the thing for his failing health. As a result, the slightly bewildered Hamilton accompanied a group of trappers on an expedition expected to last a year and in more than one way he never returned. <br><br>On the journey, the ability to learn a skill fast, whether it was sign language or how to draw and shoot a weapon, was crucial in Hamilton’s new world. This wild world was to be the defining feature of his life as well as the environment that returned his health to him. <br><br>The nineteenth century wore on in the outside world and the tragedies of the Indian wars did not leave Hamilton’s mountains untouched. A trapper himself now, William was drawn into the military conflict and temporarily drawn away from his voluntary seclusion.<br><br>My Sixty Years on the Plains explores all the many aspects of the life of a mountain dweller. He fought, trapped and traded, but perhaps most importantly William Hamilton lived to know what was around the next bend on his quiet mountain paths. He lived with his ears pricked up for every sound, his eyes wide open and his wits sharp to survive in his sometimes perilous environment. <br><br>Frontiersmen and pioneers were already an endangered species by the time this book made it to the printers but every reader can feel a piece of the adventure, the exhilaration and the slight edge of nervous excitement that remains very much a part of this narrative.

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