Forges and Furnaces in the Province of Pennsylvania

Committee on Historical Research

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His book, a tribute of the Pennsylvania Society to the days of old, the years of ancient time, is the labor of love of our own members. As far as possible we have gone to original sources for information and verifica tion, and have consulted many living authorities, whose valuable counsel has been freely given us. We wish to express our indebtedness particularly to Mr. James M'. Swank, the Hon. S. W. Pennypacker, President of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Dr. John W. Jordan, the Hon. E. W. Biddle, Dr. Chas. F. Himes, Mr. H. C. Grittinger, Mr. B. F. F ackenthal, the Hon. W. U. Hensel, Mr. J. A. Anderson, Mr. W. M. Mervine, Miss Martha Bladen Clark, Mrs. A. Saunders Morris, Col. Henry D. Paxson, Mr. Thomas Eakins, Mr. P. Hollingsworth Morris, Mr. Ernest Spofiord, Mr. B. F. Owen.

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