The Development of Building Estates

Tom Bright

€ 8,85

During recent years much attention has been directed to properties that offer facilities for building develop ment, first, by the legislative proposals that have been put forward to levy a special rate or tax on that class of property, and, secondly, by the attempts that have been made to introduce a more comprehensive method of town planning, and thereby to improve the sections devoted to the accommodation of the working classes. A great deal of misconception is prevalent regarding the actual returns which so-called building land yields to the owner, and in contrasting its value when used for agricultural or accommodation purposes with the price which it may have realised during develop ment, the heavy expenditure that has been made upon the land by the owner in equipping it for building operations is often either overlooked or minimised. Moreover, the subject of building development is still further complicated by the arbitrary nature and chaotic condition of the bye-laws and regulations at present in force.

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