How to Make Individual Dress-Forms

George Weant

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Take the drapery pins and pin them as shown (i fig. I) along the edges both front and back on both half shirts spacing the pins 7 1-2 to 3 inches apart. Next in any old kettle (that you do not care about) melt together the 2 pounds each of resin and wax. Melt this over a slow fire and stir constantly until all is dissolved as other wise it will stick to the bottom and burn. When dissolved there will be a thick sediment at the bottom but this will do no harm. Get a smooth board about ten inches wide and four feet long and place on an incline (six or eight inches high at one end) with the low er end in some pan or dish that will receive the board. You will also need a rolling pin and a quart bottle is ideal as it is easy to han dle and clean.

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