The Robinson Method of Breeding Squabs

Elmer Rice

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This Manual is written to give in brief and plain terms the rules by which Dr. J. G. Robinson, of Pembroke, Mass, has won his famous success in breeding squabs for market. I think everyone interested in profitable breeding stock will appreciate an account of the ways and means by which this gentleman and his wife have made such marked progress in the handling of pigeons. Although somewhat skeptical at first, I was shortly forced to believe that in this isolated ham let of Plymouth county (where certainly there are no dis tractions to annoy the patient student), they had quietly worked out problems which had been perplexing squab breeders for years, and were producing with mathematical certainty and regularity a table product so excellent as to make their squabs noted all over Boston where good diners gathered. 'by talking with the Boston marketmen who handled his product, I had a confirmation of the astonishing profit-showing of his books and I prevailed upon the Doctor to let the public know of this comparatively new industry and its wonderful possibilities when intelligently pursued, and he has cooperated with me in this publication of the facts. To make the work careful and thorough, I investigated his plant for four months, in my leisure time, watching every detail, taking notes, and. Going over in conversation with the Doctor and his wife the experiments which had led up to his deductions and settled plans. I made a rough draft rom my data, cut out superfluous words and boiled every thing down, and the following pages are the result. I take no credit for ideas of my own, but merely have made obser vations of another's work, checked them for accuracy, and written down the result. My intention has been to make a simple guide which faithfully followed by even a child with some gumption will result in a duplication of Dr. Robinson's success anywhere. He has revised the proofs and aided in the preparation of the illustrations. We hope this little hand book will stimulate those into whose hands it goes to make a profitable living for themselves and aid in the development of this remarkable home industry. We welcome new facts and new experiences from any source and will take pleasure in incorporating them in future issues of this Manual.

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