The White-Caps

E. W. Crozier

€ 7,85

The pages of this book have been written, some of them by active participants in the scenes herein portrayed, and others by persons who were in a position to obtain, in detail, accurate and reliable information. This book is the first advance made in this section of the country by the hardy sons of toil on the reading public, and its capitulation may be looked for if the public should prefer facts revealed in the plain, uncouth garb of an unstudied dialect rather than smooth, flowing sentences and well rounded periods of glittering generalities based on false or imaginary premises. The fondness of the people for reading, aided simply by a rudimentary education, is developing a common ability to express in a few plain words the thoughts in our minds. And, everything considered: having something to write about is, after all, of more importance than the manner of writing it.

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