History of Hereford Cattle

James Sinclair, James Macdonald

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IN attempting to delineate the history of Hereford cattle, it has not been thought necessary to enter into the wider subject of the origin of the various domesticated races of British cattle. Those who may be inclined to look into that fasci nating but almost hopelessly involved question we would refer to Mr. Storer's exhaustive and interesting work on Wild White Cattle, and our own lesser volume on Aber deen-angus Cattle, where the prevailing views are set forth and discussed. The present work is confined to matters which more im mediately relate to the Hereford breed, whose importance and popularity seemed to merit attention from the Live Stock historian. We have dwelt at considerable length on the operations of leading early breeders, and this has been done with the object of throwing light upon the origin, composition, and extension of the improved Hereford.

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