A Decade of Negro Self-Expression

Alain Locke

€ 5,85

This pamphlet is little more than an annotated list Of books written by Negroes since the outbreak of the World War. With it as a guide, however, the modern minded reader may launch out on his own quest for the new facts and points of view in the field Of Negro life and experience, with the definite expectation, if he persists, Of making his improved knowledge of the Negro part of that new understanding of the world and Of human nature which today the changing social order de mands of us all. During this period the Negro mind and spirit have been revolutionized; no province Of human life has been subject to greater change, few as great. Here in this new body of cultural self-expression is the portrait Of the changed and changing Negro. What we today call the new Negro is just the composite picture of this new mind and spirit reflecting its influences upon Negro life.

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