Aphorismi Urbigerani, or Certain Rules Clearly Demonstrating the Three Infallible Ways of Preparing the Grand Elixir, or Circulatum Majus of the Philosophers

Baro Urbigerus

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Reefer)neceflity have very often Med thrh our own hands, from our giving fuch poji tive Rules, and infallible Infiruétiorzs, elucidating all the mcfi ohfcure and intri cateentgms of the (philofiiphersutnd war; ning them of all the Accidents, that may happen in the working of our Suhjeét: We are, we fay, confident, you neither will, nor can blame us for this: fince you will eafily difcern, that our fle fign' is purely to inflruét our Difcir. Ples, and prevent all the well-wilhers' to this moji nohle Art from heing int pos'd upon, and cheated,hy any falfe pre tended Adept: to the end that thine, who [hall from the Divine Benignity, hy the help of thefe our Aphorifms, or otherwife, have receiv'd the hlejfed knowledg \of our fir/l Matter, which is the very fame in all our three ways; Of producing the grand Elixir, may thra thefe our certain' Rules obtain.

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