Scottish Gypsies Under the Stewarts

David Macritchie

€ 6,85

While taking as my model Mr Crofton's Tudor monograph, and stimulated still further by the profound historical re searches of M. Paul Bataillard, researches which have occupied that student of the Gypsies for half a century,1 I have, how ever, allowed myself a little more latitude than either of these writers, indulging occasionally in discursive remarks, inevitably suggested by some of the more important of the historical quotations. But it is to be understood that even these observations do not pretend to answer every question to which the facts cited give rise, or to offer anything like a final solution of the Gypsy problem. That problem, in the opinion of the present writer, has never been satisfactorily solved; and this study of the Scottish Gypsies cannot claim to do more than assist in the ultimate unravelling of this intricate question.

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