Rosicrucian Symbology

George Winslow Plummer

€ 5,85

Geometrical symbology is the simplest, most ancient, and at the same time most efficient type ever known or used. It utilizes the simplest geometrical forms, many of which were undoubtedly the first attempts at the pictorial expression of thought and idea forms by the progenitors of the human species, incalculable ages ago. Geometrical symbology also furnishes to the Rosicrucian and especially to the Freemason a tangible, demonstrable reason for the veneration he has been taught to cherish for Geometry as the primal and Divine Science. In its simple combinations it is to the student of the Cosmic Science and Wisdom what the plans of the architect are to the master workmen. To the true student of the highest spiritual wisdom, geometrical symbology becomes the actual plan of the Great Architect of the Universe, given to the Master Workmen in human embodiments.

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