Memorials of the Huguenots in America

A. Stapleton

€ 6,85

W'ith the passing years they disclose the original virility of their character by continually adding new names to America's roll of honor. To such imperishable names as Jay, Boudinot, Bowdoin, Marion and Laurens, of the Provincial period, they have added others of equal greatness, and whose force of character and sterling worth is in no small degree attributable to their Huguenot ancestry. In later years Presidents Tyler Garfield (2) and Roosevelt, Alexander Hamilton, the Bayards of Delaware, Commodores Stephen Decatur and W. S. Schley, and Admiral George Dewey, then also the poets Whittier Thoreau, Lanier and Emily B outon, have all con tributed largely to make America great.

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