History of South Africa, 1795-1834

George McCall Theal

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Opinions of each other held by English people and Dutch colonists of South Africa — Conciliatory measures adopted by the English commanders — Sub mission of the burghers of the districts of Stellenbosch and Swellendam Appointment of major-general Craig as commandant of the town and settlement of the Cape of Good Hope — Refusal of the burghers of the district of Graaf'f Reinet to submit to the new government — Employment of Hottentots as soldiers — Submission of the burghers of graaff-reinet Efiorts of Jan Pieter Woyer to obtain French assistance for the republican party — The luckless voyage of the Haaeje — Events at Delagoa Bay in 1796 — 7 — Capture of a Dutch fleet of war in Saldanha Bay — Character of General Craig's administration — Creation of more paper money — Appoint ment of the earl of Macartney as govemor — His arrival in South Africa Character of the administration of Lord Macartney — Regulations concern iug commerce — Alterations in the courts of justice — Assumption of duty by Mr. F. R. Bresler as landdrost of Graaff Reinet — Tour of Messrs. Bresler and Barrow among the Kosas in the Zuurveld — Account of the Kosa chief Gaika — Visit of Messrs. Bresler and Barrow to Gaika — Establishment of the first post-office in the colony — Proclamation defining the eastern and northern boundaries — Expedition for the purpose of taking possession of harbours on the western coast — Prices of bread and meat Statistics of trade, revenue, and shipping — Establishment of a church at Swellendam Mutiny in the fleet of war on the Cape station, and its suppression — Return to England of Lord Macartney on account of ill health.

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