Catherine Owens New Cook Book

Catherine Owen

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IN the first part of this book I endeavored to help inexperienced housekeepers in the difficulties they find in using even the best recipes without some knowledge of cooking. In response, however, to a general demand for more recipes in Culture and Cooking, I have prepared a second part to be used in conjunction with it. In this addition, I have tried, not so much to give a great many recipes, as to give the best I know of each kind, all tested by myself, and to give them so minutely that they will be easily practiced. Where there are many ways of cooking one thing I have given two recipes, the finest I know, and one more simple. I have tried to avoid repeating in this second part of the book, the information contained in the first, except in the one or two instances where I have thought repetition of a rule may have the effect of successive blows of the hammer on a nail — drive it home.

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