A Living Wage

John A. Ryan

€ 6,85

The present volume is little more than half as large as the first edition Of this work. The first two chapters Of the original edition have been almost entirely omitted because part Of the subject matter is no longer as timely as it was in 1906, while the remainder is not absolutely essential. For similar reasons the seven chapters forming the third section Of the work as it first appeared, have been left out Of the present edition. In the ten chapters that have been retained, a few changes have been made, either for the sake Of brevity or in order to bring certain statistical and other statements up to date. In its revised and abridged form, the work is intended primarily for those who wish to Obtain a compre hensive idea of the subject in the smallest possible compass. The writer hopes that it will be found to contain nothing superfluous, and yet to embrace everything that the average reader cares to know concerning the ethical, economic and legal aspects Of the living wage question.

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