London Cries Public Edifices

John Leighton

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The Tinker is swinging his fire-pot to make it burn, having placed his soldering-iron in it, and is proceeding to some corner or post, there to repair the saucepan he carries. - We commence with the most interesting edifice in our capital,<br><br>The Tower of London;<br><br>the fortress, the palace, and prison, in which so many events, connected with the history of our country, have transpired. The building with four towers in the centre is said to have been erected by William the Conqueror, and is the oldest part of the fortress. The small bell-tower in the front of our picture is that of the church of St. Peter's, (the tower being a parish itself,) on the Tower Green, erected in the reign of Edward I. Our view is taken from Tower Hill, near which was the scaffold on which so many have fallen. To the left of the picture stood the grand storehouse of William III., destroyed by fire, Nov. 1841.<br><br>The Regalia is deposited here, and exhibited to the public, as is also the Horse Armoury. The present constable of the Tower is the Duke of Wellington.

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