The Life of Christ, Course of Lectures Combining the Principal Events in the Life of Our Lord With the Catechism

Mary Virginia Merrick

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The first aim of the writer in preparing the following lectures has been to assist the teacher in bringing our Lord vividly before the minds of children as a living personality, thereby developing in their hearts willing love for Him. In proportion as He becomes a vivid reality to their young minds, and they come to know Him intimately and feel His tender love for them, will their love for Him be kindled and fanned. While the lectures are intended to offer a fairly com prehensive summary of the Gospel narrative, those incidents, scenes and sayings which have been found to appeal most strongly to the child's imagination, and thus to his intelligence and better impulses, have been given special prominence. Some freedom has necessarily been used in grouping events and parables, but, when possible, chronological order is followed.<br><br>The second aim has been to emphasize that the obligatory force of the home virtues, and the significance of the practices of religion, depend on the doctrinal truths of faith. That the children may be urged to show forth in their daily lives the faith implanted in them, will their love for Him be fanned and kindled, virtues is proposed at the end of each lecture. In selecting each "Practice" from so many possible ones, account has been taken of its connection with the text of the lesson, and its relative importance to the child.

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