Modern English Literature

Lovers' Library, Boots Book

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Since the issue of the last general catalogue in October, 1902, this business has undergone a great development. The membership has increased to an enormous extent, a result brought about in great measure by the recommendation of members to their friends.<br><br>For this emphatic approval of our endeavours we tender our best thanks to the public, and intend in the future, as in the past, still to merit its confidence.<br><br>When the scheme, formulated by the management, has been realised in its entirety the Library will be the largest and most popular in the kingdom.<br><br>The frontispiece shows one of the new London depots, and is typical of the way in which a number of the new branches are fitted. All true book-lovers find great pleasure in handling clean books, and this pleasure is intensified if the volumes are housed in quiet and comfortably furnished rooms, such as the one depicted.<br><br>The system of exchanging books, too, that is in use at this Library, works extremely well, saving the members much annoyance, and the assistants a great deal of time and unnecessary labour.

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