Social Dynamite

T. Dewitt Talmage

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Dr. Talmage, in many respects, stands at the head of American pulpit orators, and none excel him in dramatic force. He is one of the few who dares lift his voice against the wickedness of modern society wherever found, sparing neither friend nor foe, rich nor poor. In a clarion voice he sounds a note of warning, and designates the only way to escape the pits of darkness and social and moral ruin.<br><br>A fearless antagonist to all forms of sin; he cares more for cleaving a helmet than for showing the jewels on the handle of his weapon. Blows are what he gives. He does not know how to soften a denunciation or kid-glove a lie, cheat or sham. Strong in imagination, happy in word-painting, he arrays the most common truths in all the freshness of new discoveries, and all the glow of living reality. To this is added a quick insight into human nature, and the foibles, vices and iniquities of the present day. The Gospel is presented by him as the only remedy for human corruption. In all he says and does he is swayed by an over-mastering Christian earnestness.<br><br>America is given a proud place among the nations of the earth; at the same time things are pointed outer which, if they are not suppressed, will bring disaster, upon the country.

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