Royal Gifts for the Kindergarten

Frances Post van Norstrand

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Kindergarten Education in our country lias greatly increased during the past decade. One of the chief reasons for this is the fact that a correct knowledge of the system, has never, until recently, been generally promulgated. The remarkable enthusiasm created by the few lecturers upon the subject, and the gi-eat success of Kindergarten schools founded on this system, has called forth a more general inquiry concerning its merits. It is proposed in this volume to present an outline of the Kindergarten plan, as invented and developed by Friederich Froebel, of Germany. It is conceded that no other system will so fully meet the requirements of the parent, teacher and child, when faithfully carried out in all of its important features. Kindergarten culture, says the author of Moral Culture of Infancy, is the adult mind entering into the childs world, and appreciating natures intention, as displayed in every impulse of spontaneous life, so directing it that the joy of success may be ensured at every step, and artistic things be actually produced, which gives the self-reliance and conscious intelligence that ought to discriminate human power from blind force. This work is specially designed for mothers, nurses and Kindergartners, precise and full descriptions being given. Its minuteness, thoroughness, and clearness of direction will, it is believed, make it the best manual for Kindergarten instruction published. It is just the work needed in the family, where the children are unable to attend a Kindergarten regularly. It teaches how to provide the children of three years and over with instructive, quiet amusement, how to quicken their intellect without wearying the brain; how to inculcate manual skill, artistic taste, a ready appreciation of results, and consequently a love of learning and application; the mind is ti ained through apparent play and recreation, and the children prepared for school, and home instruction is rendered easy and entertaining without requiring constant attention. For gi eater convenience the work has been aiTanged under appropriate subject headings or departments such as The Kindergarten, The Nurseiy, School Days, Babyland, Baby-Days and Baby-Plays, Lessons of Life, Animals, Birds, Trees, Flowers, Natures Voice, Religion, and Anniversai ies. The Kindergarten Department contains explicit directions touching the introduction and full instruction as to the use, of the several Gifts and Occupations of this admirable system of education, presenting interesting explanatory exercises with each.

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