The Prosecution of Jesus

Richard Wellington Husb

€ 8,85

For several years I have been engaged in a study of the more important criminal cases in which Cicero appeared as attorney. One of these, that against Verres, led immediately to a consideration of criminal procedure in the R0 man provinces, but I found that the books gave a very inadequate treatment of the sub J ect. Since the story of the prosecution of Jesus was more fully reported by ancient writers than was any other provincial case, I felt that it might prove useful in assisting me to understand some of the charges made against Verres and other gov ernors of provinces. I soon became convinced that the approach to the study of the trial of Jesus should be made through the Roman, and not, as is commonly done, through the Hebrew criminal law. So, naturally, I would re J ect the current opinion that Jesus was formally tried by the Sanhedrin for an alleged offense against the Hebrew criminal code.

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