The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola

Elder Mullan

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The Exercises were offered for ecclesiastical censure at Rome. The text submitted was not, however, the one which is here reproduced, but two Latin translations, one in more polished Latin - since called the Fulgate Version - and one a literal rendering. The opinions expressed on these versions, as also the formal approval of Paul III, are given here, as applying quite entirely to the text from which the translations were made.<br><br>Vulgate Version<br><br>We have read everything compiled in the volume: it has greatly pleased us and seemed remarkably conducive to the salvation of souls.<br><br>The Cardinal of Burgos<br><br>We grant leave to print the work; it is worthy of all praise and very profitable to the Christian profession.<br><br>Philip, Vicar.<br><br>Such holy Exercises cannot but afford the greatest profit to any one who studies them.

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