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As this is the first number which has appeared since we were- duly installed in the editorial chair, we greet all our readers and assure them that our best services are always ready to command. We may truly say, in the language of the immortal Bard of Avon, "Our true intent is all for your delight."<br><br>The task which we have undertaken is no slight one; nor does the high standard of excellence maintained by our predecessors make the burden of responsibility rest more lightly upon our editorial shoulders; and, in passing, we would remind all our readers that the success of an enterprise of this kind depends very largely upon the support received from them. In the stereotyped words of appeals for charity we would say that voluntary contributions are gratefully received.<br><br>The opening of the school year found the whole Empire at-- war. The last month of the summer vacations was rendered memorable for all time by the outbreak of the greatest war that has ever vexed the human race. Few of us probably realize in what remarkable times our lot is cast. Few of us, indeed, in the peaceful security of our remote Dominion, can realize the awful horrors of the campaigns in Europe. The British peoples as a whole are not supposed to be endowed with a very realistic imagination, and it is easy to read, in cold print, the lurid details of the war without in the least picturing to ourselves the awful scenes described, or appreciating, even in a small degree, the desolation and misery that hang like a black pall upon the stricken homes of Europe.

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