Catalogue of the Persian, Turkish, Hindûstâni and Pushtû Manuscripts

Hermann Ethé, Edward Sachau

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The Delegates of the Clarendon Press have kindly consented to issue the description of the Persian Mss. - the last sheet of which has just been printed off - as Part I of my complete 'Catalogue of the Persian, Turkish, Hindustani, and Pushtu Mss. in the Bodleian Library,' in order to present this volume in a handy form to the forthcoming eighth International Oriental Congress at Stockholm and Christiania. Part II, which is in a forward state of preparation, will contain - (I) the description of the Turkish, Hindustani, and Pushtu Mss. in the Bodleian; (2) a complete Index of the whole work (in five distinct sections: index of titles, index of names of persons, index of geographical names and Ansab, general index of subjects, and index of dates or chronological register of historical and literary events); (3) a full Conspectus Manuscriptorum ; and (4)an Introduction on the various collections of Muhammadan Mss. in the Bodleian and their origin. Those Mss. which bear the pressmark 'Onseley' were originally described by my learned friend Professor Sachan, of Berlin, but afterwards revised, i. e. enlarged or curtailed (as the case might be), by myself, and amalgamated with the present Catalogue. Section D, 'Zoroastrian Literature, etc.,' is almost exclusively Professor Sachau's work, as very few Mss. outside the Ouseley Collection belong to that older branch of Irânian literature.

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