As I See Nietsche

Stephanus Fabijanovic

€ 5,85

However bitter the tragedy of his personal experience he left for posterity, the fact that the rule of the satiated lost its full power overthe individual diminished the corresponding rejoicing of the adherents of the Dionysian idea and trend of thought. The atmosphere became pure and refreshed, as by a stroke of lightning, in spite of the triumphant mob at the helm of human society, with all their lashing of all who dared uplift their heads. Regardless of the crushing weight of the masses of slake threatening to stifle the individual, there appeared in the year of 1871 Friedrich Nietzsche's book, The Birth of Tragedy, which communicated directly with the ideas and trend of thought ex pressed by defunct Arthur Schopenhauer. To me personally the fact that during fifty years only two books of the same kind were published constitutes merely an encouragement and stimulation for the unceasing struggle before me, but never a disarming determent.

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