Rich Man, Poor Man

Maximilian Foster

€ 8,85

Still smiling, Mr. Mapleson opened the door with his latchkey and stepped into Mrs. Tilney's hall. Thenacuriousthingoccurred. Closingthedoor, Mr. Mapleson for a moment stood poised in an atti tude of acute attention. It was not only furtive, itwasalittlecraftytoo. Thenhiseyes,roaming about him, fled down the dingy'hall to where in the dimlightofthesinglegasjetastairwastobe seen. Obviously it led to the kitchen floor below, fortherearoseiromitnotonlyapotentscentof cookingbutthesoundofashrill.flusteredvoice,a woman's. Evidently its owner reigned in an ad visory capacity over the kitchen's busy doings. At any rate, the voice lifting itself in shriller complaint, the words became intelligible.

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