The National Geographic Magazine, 1891

National Geographic Society

€ 8,85

In addition to announcements of meetings and various circulars sent to members from time to time, the Society issues a single serial publication entitled the national geographic magazine. During the first two years of the existence of the Society this serial was issued in quarterly numbers. With the beginning of the third year of the Society and the third volume of the Magazine the form of publication was changed, and the serial now appears at irregular intervals in parts or brochures (desig mated by pages and designed either for separate preservation or for gather ing into volumes) which consist either of single memoirs or of magazine brochures made up of articles, notes, abstracts, and other geographic matter, together with the Proceedings and other administrative records of the Society. The Magazine is mailed free to members of the Society and to exchanges. The first two volumes, as well as the separate brochures of the third and the complete volume, are sold at the prices given below by the Secre tary, Mr. F. H. Newell, U. S. Geological Survey, Washington, D. C.

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