Charles Dickens' Favorite Daughter

Hawksley, Lucinda

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As the daughter of the most famous writer of the time, Katey Dickens enjoyed a high profile in Victorian society. She pursued her love of painting, acted in her fathers plays, socialized with the Thackerays, and modeled for painter John Everett Millais.This riveting biography finally sheds light on her extraordinary life both as a Dickens and an artist.The turbulent family life in the Dickens household drove Katey to marry young.Her first husband was the chronically ailing Charlie Collins, brother of the famous author Wilkie Collins. After Charlies untimely demise, the widowed Katey fell in love and married the handsome Italian artist Carlo Perugini.Charles Dickens lovingly nicknamed Katey Lucifer Box because of her fiery temper. In many ways, Katey was ahead of her time; she refused to be eclipsed by her father and fought to establish herself as an artist. She became renowned as a portrait painter and exhibited regularly at the Royal Academy. Katey lived to be almost ninety and her artistic prestige, which flourished during her lifetime, still persists to this day.

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