It's Not You, It's Him

Georgia Witkin, Ph.D.

€ 28,99

You're smart and cute and fun to be around. So naturally you wonder why youre still single. Well, here's a news flash: Its Not You, Its Him!This book will make dating fun againand help you find the love you always dreamed ofWhy is this book for single women? Because we think about relationships, and talk about relationships, much more than single men do. And when things go wrong, were also much more likely to blame ourselves! We ask ourselves, Whats wrong with me? What did I do? What should I have done differently? Well, maybe, just maybe you are not the problem. Maybe, just maybe, youd still be single even if you were perfect. Maybe the men youre meeting have the problems. Maybe its not you, its him!Actually, theres no maybe about it. Your aunt in Florida, your married brother, and your gym friends are wrongyou are not single because youre too picky, too pushy, or a princess. Besides, even if you were, picky, pushy princesses get married every day. And so will you. So lets get real and get you the life you want. --Dr. Georgia Witkin, fromIts Not You, Its Him In her upbeat new rules for finding lasting love, Dr. Georgia Witkin shows that the secret to dating without all the pain is to assume that you are perfectly lovable exactly as you are. When a good date goes bad, the problem is never you. Its him!Suddenly dating is so simple. You will never again ask why didnt he call? It doesnt matter. You will never ask, How should I change? You dont have to. Instead you will do what you want, go where you want, wear what you want, and it will only make you more perfect. You will take everything dates say and do as information about themnot you. You will have zero tolerance when youre getting zero. You will feel happy, in control, and actually enjoy dating again. And before too long, the new you will fall wildly in love with a man who is just perfect enough to find you irresistible.

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