Ultimate Nutrition for Health

Koch, Manfred Urs

€ 15,99

This concise, encyclopedic, beautifully illustrated guide to food and nutrition explains how the food we eat interacts with the body and how we can make the best nutritional choices. This cutting-edge, practical information presented in an easy-to-use format with color photos, charts, and diagrams breaks down the nutritional values and benefits of over 180 specific and popular foods. A vital tool for creating a healthy diet, this reference is organized by food group, and the helpful tips, detailed food combination charts, and customized diet recommendations can be put to use right away. With information on the USDAs Food Pyramid and the new MyPlate nutrition guides, Ultimate Nutrition for Health pays special attention to the choices that promote good health, emphasizing regular physical activity, food variety, water intake, and a balanced diet. This goldmine of health facts also includes information on the bodys systems and subsystems, a breakdown of ailments and risk factors, advice on how to prepare and store food safely, and an informative question and answer section.

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