Twisting of Souls

Russell, Christina

€ 9,99

Based on a true story, it illustrates to the reader a catalogue of vindictive and vengeful acts that Christina experienced when she decided to leave Carl De-Vrise, her estranged partner of 27 years.She found sanctuary in the arms of Jack Simmons, whom, having fallen hopelessly in love with Christina was totally oblivious of what lay ahead of him.The following 15 months became a living nightmare for Jack and Christina as they became ensnared in the emotional twist of daily onslaughts, perpetrated and executed by Carl De-Vrise. Unwilling to accept Christina's choice that their relationship was over, Carl sought revenge. His aim was to completely destroy Christina and using a phrase he often expressed "e;to win you have to know your opponent's "e;Achilles Heel"e;. He certainly knew Christina's. Subsequently every attack aimed at Christina and Jack was fuelled with this in mind.Endeavouring to survive and outwit the malicious and vindictive actions, causing emotional havoc in their daily lives, Christina and Jack were forced into alternating roles of victim and rescuer.Carl, appeared to be the persecutor, although others observing could have thought otherwise. Life had dealt him a bitter blow, as a few months previous he had been diagnosed with cancer."e;How could she do this!"e; Was the cry of disbelief from family and friends when hearing that Christina was no longer with Carl. The close family were under no illusion of the volatile and bizarre relationship both had displayed to the world. Therefore, under "e;normal"e; circumstances, no heed would have been paid to Christina's exit from the relationship. But this was not normal. Her timing was wrong. Carl had cancer.With no help from the police who were powerless at restraining Carl -the ultimate eventually happened. Enduring 11 months of being stalked and harassed, that included being shot at and having their property destroyed by fire, they were forced to leave beloved England and flee for their lives.A mistaken phone call intervenes with fate. Christina returns to England. Christina's re-emergence into Carl's life causes the family to gasp with disbelief. Carl is dying. It becomes imperative for Christina to seek forgiveness from Carl and to salvage what is rightly hers. Her daughter Felicity mistakenly believed that Carl would reject her. Carl had other ideas. His welcome of Christina's return divides the family. Felicity's jealousy of her mother's occupancy in Carl's life becomes a main thread in the second half of the book. An incredible twist becomes the finale to this true story.Such a twist in life that even now, I find hard to believe all this really happened to me.

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