Obesity Cure

Scheele, George

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At last, a breakthrough in nutritional science that identifies both the cause and solution of obesity, America's #1 metabolic disease. Using a lifetime of scientific achievement and clinical insight, Nobel associate and author, Dr. George Scheele, explains how to use nature's gift--Power Amino Acids--to avoid "e;addictive taste disorders"e;? and harness the body's own feedback mechanisms to tame appetite, rebalance metabolism, and normalize body weight. In The Obesity Cure Dr. Scheele shows that obesity is only one in a spectrum of metabolic diseases associated with the Metabolic Syndrome and accelerated aging. He demonstrates how the current "e;paradoxes"e;? of obesity and metabolic health prove that something "e;essential"e;? is missing in our current understanding of nutritional health and weight control. The Obesity Cure identifies the missing "e;pieces"e; as Power Amino Acids. These essential ingredients have the ability to correct deficiencies in the food chain, including positive-charged amino acids, proteins, and metabolic pathways that adversely affect satiety, metabolic health, and body weight. Without Power Amino Acids, the body suffers from protein deficiency syndrome,? a newly identified condition that limits the body's ability to regulate the satiety centers and metabolic pathways that control weight gain and loss. This book takes a revolutionary step beyond the high fat/protein diets of pioneers like Dr. Robert Atkins and the low fat/protein diets of public health policy. For the first time, we can now create a high-nutrient, low-fat, and low-carb diet that produces significant weight loss without resorting to starvation regimens that result in extreme hunger. The Obesity Cure reveals the breakthrough importance of supplementing the diet with essential, positive-charged, and satiety-producing amino acids (Power Amino Acids) that tame appetite and rebalance the metabolic pathways to burn fat and maintain normal body weight with the satiety feelings of comfort, satisfaction, and well-being. Power Amino Acids have additional benefits as well. By correcting the dietary deficiencies that lead to overweight disorders and obesity, they also ensure weight control, metabolic health, and revitalized youth. They are the "e;magic bullet"e;--the "e;secret"e;? if you will--for achieving the elusive goal of metabolic health and sustained weight control. The Obesity Cure further explains how Power Amino Acids may be incorporated into diets all across America to normalize body weight and combat chronic degenerative disease without counting calories, adding up points, or suffering constant hunger. With the purchase of this book you will receive instructions on how to receive a free copy of Dr. Scheele's Primer on "e;Power Amino Acids: The Factor4 Advantage in Weight-Loss Success.

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