George Orwell

Routledge, Julia

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The 20th Century was the age of the public intellectual and foremost amongst the thinkers and writers who helped interpret the century was George Orwell. His best known works, Animal Farm and 1984 have become the means by which most of humanity in the decades since his death have come to explore the issues of totalitarianism, the surveillance state and propaganda. In this new ebook, the first in Explaining History's biography series, Julia Routledge explores the life and the works of Orwell, from his days as an imperial policeman in Burma to his experiences in the slums of London and Paris and on the battlefields of the Spanish Civil War. This book serves as far more than an introductory guide to the events of his life or a narrative account of Orwell's travels. It is an exploration of the man and his writing and the times that shaped both. 20th Century Lives is a new series from Explaining History, taking pivotal figures from the last century and exploring their legacies in an accessible and concise way; ideal for history enthusiasts, students and first time readers of modern history.

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