Student's Vegetarian Cookbook For Dummies

Sarros, Connie

€ 18,99

The easy way to eat vegetarian on campusVegetarianism is growing rapidly, and young adults?includingcollege students?are leading the charge as more and more of themdiscover the many benefits to adopting a vegetarian lifestyle.However, there are limited resources for budget-conscious studentsto keep a vegetarian diet.Student's Vegetarian Cookbook For Dummies offers thegrowing population of vegetarian students with instruction andrecipes for fast and fun vegetarian cooking. Personalized forstudents, it comes with quick-fix recipes, a variety of creativemeal ideas, and money-saving tips.Plain-English explanations of cooking techniques andnutritional informationMore than 100 recipes for making vegetarian dishes that arequick, easy, and tastyBudget-conscious shopping tipsWhen dining halls are inadequate and restaurants become tooexpensive, Student's Vegetarian Cookbook For Dummies has youcovered!

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