Investing in Energy

Bern, Gianna

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An energy industry researcher and investment advisor provides afresh perspective on the economics of energyFrom major players in the energy industry, such as big oil, tothe emerging cap-and-trade market, no other book offers a morecomplete overview of the energy industry, specifically its economicand financial intricacies, than Investing in Energy: A Primer onthe Economics of the Energy Industry.Details how to value and invest in the four big energy sectors:oil, gas, power, and greenDescribes key financial considerations for the energy sectors,including credit metrics, the importance of liquidity, cash flow,and capital expendituresFrom Bloomberg, a leading provider of the most up-to-datebusiness news and financial dataA comprehensive guide to the economics of the energy industry,Investing in Energy will prove an invaluable resource fortraditional energy investors looking to expand into new areas, aswell as for eco-investors looking to better understand how energymarkets function.

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