Women's Stories of Divorce at Childbirth

Hoge, Hilary

€ 28,99

Explore the reasons that new families break up!This landmark book examines the causes and consequences of divorce occurring during pregnancy or within a year of childbirth. Women's Stories of Divorce at Childbirth: When the Baby Rocks the Cradle draws from the experiences of seventeen women who suffered this especially traumatic form of family breakup. Using ideas gleaned from psychoanalytic theory, academic psychology, attachment theory, sociology, trauma studies, and infant development research, Dr. Hoge examines the personal, familial, and social significance of these stories of personal betrayal and heartbreak.The women's narratives show in stark detail how the transition to parenthood can become a personal crisis for some new fathers and mothers, one that may prompt them to run away, search out extramarital affairs, or lapse into addictions. Women's Stories of Divorce at Childbirth also explores the short- and long-term effects of the resulting trauma, grief, and anger felt by the spouse left holding the baby. Because the women's stories are discussed throughout the book, they become more than random cases chosen to illustrate a single point. Women's Stories of Divorce at Childbirth discusses the important issues of early divorce, including: parenthood as transition and transformation emotional ramifications of extreme-condition divorces economic consequences of divorce at childbirth the lasting emotional reactions of infants and childrenWomen's Stories of Divorce at Childbirth is a powerful, insightful examination of a potentially devastating problem. This well-written book will become a uniquely valuable resource to counselors and mental health professionals, couples having difficulty with the transition to parenthood, new parents who are considering divorce, and survivors of divorce at childbirth.

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