Da Vinci's Unsolved Mysteries Free X-Files Real Proof of Conspiracies: Ancient Aliens, Angels, & Ghosts, Paranormal & President's Sex Scandals, Murder & War

Exxxample, Ann

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This is a book about the hidden secrets of the paranormal. This is REAL PROOF. 15 different paranormal creatures of myth and folklore such as: aliens, angels, unicorns, sea monsters, werewolves, and vampires. Leonardo Da Vinci was one of the most famous scientists of the Renaissance, and is believed to have invented many scientific marvels. Now the secrets of Da Vinci will be revealed as his notebook is decoded. His science, his sexual conflicts, and his complexity are simplified. Michelangelo and his covert world of art will also be explored to unlock the naked truth. This film will also talk about the recent contributions of Albert Einstein and his scientific theories about time travel and wormholes. These theories might make space travel possible. The film and the book will cover UFO landings and Roswell as well as Area 51. The secrets of Washington D.C. will be uncovered pertaining to the president's secret files and sex scandals.

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