It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Trip

Shay, Kevin James

€ 2,99

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Trip: On the Road of the Longest Two-Week Family Road Trip in History chronicles the adventures of a single Dad taking his two kids on a 6,950-mile odyssey across the USA and back during his two-week vacation in 2013. They set a record for the longest family road trip in a roughly two-week span, certified by RecordSetter, the Wikipedia generation's version of Guinness World Records. And they did it in their trusty 2001 Honda CRV that began with more than 165,000 miles. They tried to locate some Hollywood celebrities, rode roller coasters and water slides, swam in the Pacific Ocean, met some aliens at a UFO center in Sedona, sat on a ledge on top of the country's tallest building in Chicago, spray painted Cadillac Ranch, dodged mule poop at the Grand Canyon, and bought a pressed coin near Old Faithful. Their book also lends tips, websites and other info on attractions, fun facts, and more resources, to help you with your own Great American Adventure.

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