Culturicide, Resistance, and Survival of the Lakota (Sioux Nation)

Fenelon, James V.

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This ground-breaking work develops theories and methods of analyzing the United States' domination of Native Americans through a study of the Lakota society known as the "e;Sioux Nation of Indians."e; Two centuries of struggle between nations and cultures during the U.S. expansion over North America are described utilizing policy (BIA) and cross-cultural (US-Lakota) history, with insightful additions to understanding the "e;Tetonwan-Sioux."e;Contributing new forms of analysis to the study of attempted domination and destruction of Native American societies, the author explores the concept of culturicide in relation to theories of genocide and cultural domination. He links resistance by traditionalists and activists to cultural survival in charts of U.S. and Lakota policies and counter-policies. The study provides maps to identify struggles over land, and shows how social institutions have been used to attack Lakota culture. The author provides documented recent events to illustrate contemporary Lakota social life, often from an insider's point of view. The work provides a framework for understanding similar conflicts for other Native Nations. Also includes maps. James Fenelon is Dakota/Lakota, and is Assistant Professor of Sociology at John Carroll University. Bibliography. Index.

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