Rucksack Guide - Alpinism

Richardson, Alun

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Rucksack Guide - Alpinism is your essential handbookwhen on the mountain. It offers concise guidance and support forwhatever situations you might find yourself in, including:technical skills: tips and reminders on the key techniques the Alpine environment: dealing with hazards, altitude and avalanches navigation: various techniques to help in a range of weather conditions safety: essential procedures to ensure the safety of yourself, your party and others on the mountain emergencies: guidance on what to do in extreme situations.The book is colour-coded for easy reference and all information ispresented in lists and tables, making it simple to understand intesting conditions.The Rucksack Guide series is adapted from Mountaineering: The essential skills for mountain walkers and climbers, the definitive handbook for hill walkers, climbers and mountaineers.

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